General Items

Just a general page to dump items and concepts without enough info to make a full page.

Magical Nodes: Centers of magic that naturally occur when a large number of sentient beings gather. There are several to be found in Amaros, the most well-known being located in the Spire District under the control of the Council.

Dream Shards: Crystals which naturally form around magical nodes, and are essentially crystallized dreams. They have many applications in magic, including being used as a power source.

Telle Flowers: Rare flowers that can only be found in the area around Amaros and are used in many powerful mind control potions and aphrodisiacs. Telle Flowers are highly illegal.

Payne’s Folly: A clover-like plant that acts as a blood thinner and is a common ingredient in many alchemical potions and is also an ingredient of Circasi wine.

Lichbane: A highly addictive moss that when chewed mimics the effects of meth. In the past it was used to coat weapons when fighting liches. It is also highly illegal.

Circasi Wine: A popular and relatively inexpensive wine.

General Items

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