The Grand City of Amaros


The Grand City of Amaros, or simply Amaros, is considered by many to be the center the world of Sahraine (Saw-rain). Some go so far as to consider it to be the center of all worlds. True or not, Amaros is undoubtedly a very important and singularly unique city.

Amaros sits at the meeting point between various nations of Velyss and is located on the eastern coast of the Velyssian continent at the mouth of the Amaranthine River. Its location makes Amaros a natural trading hub, and has helped it develop a diverse and entirely unique culture separate from any other in the world.



The Districts

Amaros is divided into four Districts: the Water District, the Coin District, the Spire District, and the Palace District.

The Water District (unofficially divided into Upper and Lower Water Districts) is the largest district in Amaros, and are where the lower class denizens of Amaros live. It has many docks, warehouses, and industrial fixtures such as smithies and the like.

The Coin District (also unofficially divided into Upper and Lower) is where the majority of the merchants live. It contains many markets and the like. It is separated from the Water District by the Outer Wall.

The Spire District is made up of both the Crystal Spire, the center of the joint Wizard-Technomancer Guild in Amaros, and the property owned by the Guild. The Spire is surrounded by an invisible, yet solid, wall maintained by the Council.

The Palace District is made up of the Unbroken Palace, where the king of Amaros reigns, and the estates of the city’s nobility and the richest of its merchants. It is protected by the Inner Wall, through which entry is barred to the majority of citizens.

There is also a fifth, unofficial district, the Under District: primarily the labyrinthine sewers of Amaros where the poorest of the poor find their way. There are many secrets in this district, caches of ancient goods, tombs better left undisturbed, and more awaiting discovery in these depths.


The city of Amaros is ruled primarily by its monarch, at this time King Lyonel III. But many tasks are delegated to the City Council, made up of elected citizens of Amaros.


The official currency of Amaros (and growing in popularity in other nations) are called marks. Marks are divided into gold and silver coins, and are much smaller than the coins found in other nations. One gold mark is worth 100 silver marks generally.

Technically only the gold coins are called marks, named after King Mark I the first ruler of Amaros, whose likeness is stamped onto them, while silver marks are intended to be named after the ruler whose likeness is stamped onto them (i.e. the current ruler at the time the coins are minted). This means silver marks minted during the reign of Lyonel III are, on official documents, called Lyonels.

The Grand City of Amaros

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