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  • Davos Hiram

    a kindly man who loves his son and is always willing to help out a stranger in need. Oftentimes he will accept favors and services in exchange for a night's rest or a good meal. His son is [[:van-hiram | Van Hiram]]. Davos was a sailor in his younger …

  • Van Hiram

    [[:davos-hiram | Davos Hiram]]'s teenaged son who works at the [[Bluewater Tavern | Bluewater Tavern]] doing various tasks for his father, and occasionally acting as a server. Van is fairly tall and considered to be quite attractive by many, he has many …

  • Eurich

    One of a handful of wizards in the city who live outside of the Spire District, Eurich runs a magical shop, Eurich's Wizarding Wares, in the Lower Water District. Eurich is very popular with many citizens of Amaros, both high and lowborn, but is not very …

  • Lesander Blaine

    A gnome technomancer and one of the two great experts on golems in Amaros. Blaine's focus is on creating thinking mechanical golems. Blaine wears large, darkened spectacles, and a torn white coat covered in burns.

  • Falmon Lorne

    A merchant that owns several stores over the Lower Coin District and has trading contracts with many of Amaros' neighbors.

  • Thesilim Goldbranch

    Thesilim is a 397 year old Elven reporter working in Amaros for [[The New Amaros Times]] ([[The Amaros Times]] is now a tabloid). He is the husband of [[:abdaal-goldbranch | Abdaal Goldbranch]] and the father of [[:talaarn-goldbranch | Talaarn Goldbranch …

  • Talaarn Goldbranch

    Talaarn is [[:abdaal-goldbranch | Abdaal Goldbranch]] and [[:thesilim-goldbranch | Thesilim Goldbranch's]] teenaged son. He is fourteen years old and stands at 5'7", though he is still growing. Talaarn is enrolled in a public school in Amaros, and most of …

  • Dirbaal

    A Demon Lord who is notoriously obnoxious and rude in the Demon community.

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