Thesilim Goldbranch

Abdaal's husband.


Intrepid Reporter (4 Dice)
Family Man (3 Dice)
Mystery Writer (2 Dice)


Thesilim is a 397 year old Elven reporter working in Amaros for The New Amaros Times (The Amaros Times is now a tabloid). He is the husband of Abdaal Goldbranch and the father of Talaarn Goldbranch. He has been working as a reporter in Amaros for almost fifty years now and knows the ins and outs of the city and the people in it as well as any native. For the last five years he has also been spending much of his time working on a mystery novel, drawing on his experience from reporting real mysteries in the city.

Thesilim stands at 5’4", short even by Elven standards, but is very athletic and mobile, which helps him in getting into places he is not meant to be. He has shoulder-length blonde hair, and he often braids parts of it, as many Elves do. He has light blue, almost grey, eyes.

His normal attire consists of a custom outfit of dark green and grey fabric that in many ways almost looks like a military outfit, made to be durable and to not hang loose. The outfit has many hidden pockets holding useful items such as lockpicks (don’t tell the city guard). He also (under the gloves he often wears while out working) always wears a ring made of fireglass (that glows when touched by magic), which Abdaal made for their first anniversary.

Thesilim Goldbranch

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