Talaarn Goldbranch

Abdaal's son.


Moody Teenager (2 Dice)
Archer (2 Dice)


Talaarn is Abdaal Goldbranch and Thesilim Goldbranch’s teenaged son. He is fourteen years old and stands at 5’7", though he is still growing. Talaarn is enrolled in a public school in Amaros, and most of his time is spent on school-related matters. He has recently, however, taken up archery in order to get in touch with his Elven heritage more, and is proving to be quite good at it.

In many ways he looks like a smaller Abdaal, though he keeps his hair longer (even longer than Thesilim’s) and curls his horns inwardly. He also inherited Thesilim’s light blue eyes.

Talaarn Goldbranch

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