Grant Humbert

Adventurer extrodinare


Swordsman Cliche (3 dice)
Large Ham Cliche (4 dice) (a combination of invoking his personality and his ability to change size)
Kid (3 Dice)

Hook(s): Helplessly attracted to boys who wont take his advances seriously. Terrified of cupcakes.

(I feel like something else goes here but I forgot what so whateves)


Grant Humbert is a adventurer from a far away land, wielding a sword as his primary weapon. He inherited an unusual set of genes that allows him to change the size of his body at will, something he mastered during his childhood. After his coming of age at just 12 years old, Grant set off for adventures unknown. Growing up, he fell many vile villains and running many errands for enigmatic old men, his quests drew him towards Amaros.

Along the way, at age 18, he met Bavón, the baker’s apprentice, who was also a powerful sorcerer. He was smitten at first sight, but the relationship fizzled out quickly when Bavón became irritated by Grant’s larger than life personality and the wacky stunts he’d pull with his ability. Thus, he broke up with him and fed him an enchanted cupcake that lopped 6 years off of his body’s age. Pleased, the bitter baker fled to parts unknown, leaving Grant in a rather awkward state.

Starting from the beginning again, Grant hopes to reinvent his heroic image again in Amaros and find a real partner. While being a kid again can have it’s advantages and make one the envy of others on the block, it leaves Grant in an awkward situation of being attracted to boys much too old for him. He also has an irrational fear of cupcakes due to his previous experiences.

Grant, at normal size, stands at about 4’6", not an uncommon size for his physical age. He has medium length brown hair that’s somewhat messy in a typical protagonist fashion. He has a somewhat lean build, though losing muscle mass does that to you. Physically, he is still strong enough to do swordplay and athletics though, and he has brown eyes to match his hair.

Grant’s attire consists of an overly large pink tunic, with matching pink wrist guards on both arms. On top of this are maroon colored chest and shoulder plates as armor. He wears equally over-sized dark maroon pants that are almost grey, stuffed crudely into boots and creating a puffed-out look. A belt keeps his pants from falling off his waist, and the scabbard for his sword hangs from it on the back. His boots are brown and made of a tough, leather like substance, for both comfort and combat, and are brown with darker brown accents.

“Grant” means “big”, while “Humbert” means “famous giant” and “warrior”. Together, they form a verbal pun on “Grand Ham”, which is a reference to his “Large Ham” cliche, and also his size changing ability.

Grant Humbert

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