Abdaal Goldbranch

City council hopeful, and father of the year.


Charismatic Politician (5 Dice)
Family Man (3 Dice)
Demonic Sorcerer (1 Die)


Abdaal is a 430 year old Demon Lord living in the city of Amaros. He is married to Thesilim Goldbranch and is the father of 14 year old Talaarn Goldbranch. For the last ten years he has been involved in the politics of Amaros, most recently working on the Education Council of Amaros. At the suggestion of his husband Abdaal decided to run for the recently vacated position on City Council for the Water District in order to work even more to improve the education standards of the city, and to improve the lives of minority groups in the city.

Abdaal stands at an imposing 6’5" and is fairly muscular despite the relative inactivity of his chosen career, plain to anyone to see since Abdaal rarely wears a shirt. Abdaal keeps his hair and beard neatly trimmed, and allows his horns to grow without being shaped, though his husband does carve Elven script into them on occasion (when they are about to spend a lot of time apart, for instance). Abdaal’s skin is typical Demon red, and his eyes are golden-yellow.

Abdaal’s normal outfit consists of a pair of fitted dress pants (he wears the matching shirt and jacket when necessary) held up with suspenders. He also usually wears a tie that “Dilberts” on occasion. Occasionally he will also wear a pair of small reading glasses, but he does not require them.

Abdaal Goldbranch

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